How Do Laundry Delivery Services Work?

Date post: 05/01/2023 04:43 PM

Paying for laundry services provides far more benefits than the cost involved. It is a service that many people have misconceptions about. This includes the idea that is just for the rich. In reality, laundry services are often highly affordable and free you up to attend to more productive work, without having to worry about piling up dirty clothes. 

When it comes to cost, those that have tried it realize that it is often less than the time wasted, cleaning products used, and utilities consumed by doing it at home. Not forgetting the effort you will have to put into ironing and folding each item before putting it away. 

Time is a resource that once spent, can never be retrieved. Laundry can be a tedious task that most experience no joy in. Engaging laundry delivery services can save you several hours a week, and even more if you have a larger family. This is time you can better spend working, performing other chores, or simply enjoying life. 

A professional laundry service can also help in attending to more difficult challenges like stubborn stains on delicate fabrics that a novice can end up worsening. Minor tailoring issues and special washing instructions indicated by the clothing manufacturers’ labels are also better attended to by a professional with access to a wide range of cleaning products and equipment. 

But how do such services work? One might assume that the process is similar to what most people do when handling dry cleaning. Find a dry cleaning store in the area and deliver your clothes. 

Thankfully, SIMPLY provides a process that is much simpler, less tiring, and more streamlined than you might expect. Here is a simple guide on the steps you should take in getting your laundry quickly and efficiently sorted. 

A Guide to Laundry Delivery Services

1. Find A Reliable Service Provider

You will want a provider that can handle your order. This means they should be able to meet your demands in terms of turnaround time, range of services, cost, and scheduling needs. They should also be able to handle the amount of work involved. Whether it is a large load of laundry or just a few items, they should be accommodating and offer reasonable pricing. 

A comprehensive price list should be provided so you can make comparisons and get a correct estimate of how much you will be spending. SIMPLY provides a detailed price list on its website so you can conveniently pick and choose what options you prefer. 

Laundry delivery services must be able to offer pickup and delivery services. More so during periods when you want to avoid much movement and waiting around. They should be able to accommodate your schedule and organize for pickup and delivery of the laundry at the times agreed upon. 

Also, look at the payment options they offer. A good business should be able to process payments using the most recognized credit/debit cards. Cash payments can also be convenient for some customers. Those with an e-commerce platform can make scheduling easier to arrange. 

2. Choose A Booking Method

Go to the website of the laundry service provider. Here you should be able to book the type of service you want and schedule a date and time for the pickup and delivery services. Somewhere on the website, there should be a comprehensive price list. Use this to verify the cost involved and the services you can opt for. 

Sometimes websites can have issues and systems may not work as expected at the moment. There should be alternative ways you can communicate with the provider to arrange for service. Check the contact page for a contact form, email address, and phone number. You should be able to use any of these to get in touch and make your booking. 

3. Select Services

Once you are familiar with the price list and services on offer, you can proceed with the booking process by selecting the range of services you want. This can include normal laundry services, dry cleaning, and ironing. When you pick a service, additional options may come up. Like under laundry, you may be offered extras like hand washing and stain removal. 

Keep in mind that with each extra service or special condition you request, an additional charge is applied. SIMPLY offers a section at the bottom of the booking page where you can indicate any special instructions you want to be accommodated. You will be advised of the additional cost involved. 

4. Make A Booking

Pickup and delivery services need to be timed so the service provider knows when to turn up. This way you can avoid delays in getting the load ready to go out and get it back in good time. Just choose a date and time for each that is most convenient for you. 

Especially if the pickup and delivery will be done at your door. Note that you may also opt to have this done at the reception or gate if you prefer more privacy or no contact. You should avail yourself or someone else to hand over the load and take delivery when the time comes. There may be limited slots each day, so pick from what is open on the online calendar booking system.

Normal turnaround is a day. If you want a faster same-day delivery service, then click on the express button. The expected time of delivery will then indicate when to expect your laundry back that day. 

If you have a promotional code that will qualify you for discounted services, do remember to also input it at this stage. It will be applied during billing. 

5. Provide Details

The next page will prompt you to provide your name, contact, and address details. This is important so the laundry service provider can properly estimate travel time and arrange to be at your location at the requested pickup and delivery times. SIMPLY provides a map function so you can precisely indicate your location on this page.

Be sure to correctly input the floor and unit number if living in a condo or other communal housing. Also, ensure the contact information is accurate. Particularly your phone number as the service provider will likely need to call you at some point. 

Once you are done, be sure to verify all the information provided and then place your order. You will be provided with payment options. If using a debit or credit card, simply input the details so it will be automatically charged at billing. 

6. Get Service

Once you have completed the online booking and payment, you can then wait for the allotted date and time to have your laundry picked up. The service provider will allocate a team to attend to your order and communicate with you if clarification is needed. 

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