How Do Laundry Delivery Services Work?

Paying for laundry services provides far more benefits than the cost involved. It is a service that many people have misconceptions about. This includes the idea that is just for the rich. In reality, laundry services are often highly affordable and free you up to attend to more productive work, without having to worry about piling up dirty clothes. 


Why should you do a deep clean before you move?

Regardless of if you are moving into a new property or leaving an existing one, it is essential, not to mention hygienic, to conduct a deep clean before you move, but for this article, we assume that you are moving into your new home. At SIMPLY, we can assist you with deep cleaning your property, ensuring that you have a scrupulously clean property that you can then turn into your dream home.


Which clothes should I get dry cleaned?

Living in Thailand, we are fortunate to send our laundry to be professionally cleaned, taking away much of the stress. Here at SIMPLY, we even collect your washing and deliver it back to you, making things even more straightforward. However, we can’t separate your clothes. We recommend that you divide them into dry-cleaned and laundered. This article will explore which fabrics should be dry cleaned to maintain their appearance and avoid shrinkage.


How often should you clean your home to protect against COVID-19?

The coronavirus, or COVID-19, has had a huge impact on all of our lives, and we are all looking for ways to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Arguably one of the most frightening things about the virus is that it is so easy to contract. Many of the people who have the virus are asymptomatic (displaying no symptoms), meaning that they unwittingly pass it on to others. While generally outdoor spaces are regarded as being reasonably safe, our homes, workplaces, and places that we visit can all be places, so it is vital we clean our homes regularly.


Why use a laundry pickup service?

Clothes dry cleaning service worker returning shirts to customer close-up[/caption] If you are from the West, the idea of using professional laundry to have all your clothes washed and ironed may seem like a luxury. However, for many of us living in Bangkok, it is vital with many apartments and condo units not having their own washing machines. While communal washing machines are OK, they present their own problems such as cleanliness and security if you leave your washing unattended. Taking your washing to a laundry seems like a way of life. However, how good would it feel if your laundry was collected and delivered back to you?


Is it safe to use a laundry service in Bangkok during COVID?

Of course, COVID-19 has had a huge impact on all our lives, and many of us are still unsure about what is safe and legal. In a city such as Bangkok, it is common for people to use a laundry service where they take and collect their clothes or, alternatively, a self-service laundry that we see more often. While these options are undoubtedly convenient, they will inevitably bring into contact with more people.


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