Why use a laundry pickup service?

Date post: 19/07/2023 02:35 PM

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If you are from the West, the idea of using professional laundry to have all your clothes washed and ironed may seem like a luxury. However, for many of us living in Bangkok, it is vital with many apartments and condo units not having their own washing machines. While communal washing machines are OK, they present their own problems such as cleanliness and security if you leave your washing unattended. Taking your washing to a laundry seems like a way of life. However, how good would it feel if your laundry was collected and delivered back to you?

As a state-of-the-art laundry service in Bangkok, at SIMPLY, we pride ourselves on convenience. You can book your laundry online in just a couple of clicks, and arrange to have it collected and delivered back to you at a time that suits you. A pickup service is ideal for the modern world, where time is a precious commodity. The latest COVID-19 outbreak also means that you can spend less time outside the safety of your own home. Still not convinced? Here are ten other benefits of a pickup and delivery laundry service in Bangkok.

1. Convenience

OK, we mentioned convenience above, but just think of the time you will save without having to do mountains of washing each week. Your home doesn’t need to be filled with drying clothes, and the smell of washing detergent won’t fill every room. No longer will you have to arrange your weekend around your washing; with SIMPLY you can now organize your washing around your plans.

You won’t need to fight your way through the city’s traffic to get to and from the laundry, all that is done for you. The convenience of having someone else looking after your washing from the moment it leaves your door until it returns is immeasurable.

2. Efficiency

Let’s face it; we all know that commercial washing machines and driers are far more efficient than what you would have in your own home. At home, you might be limited to 9KG per load; it may double that it a professional laundry, and with multiple machines, your colors and whites can be washed at the same time. Of course, laundry can be heavy, and if you need to take it to the laundry yourself, the efficiency aspect can go out of the window – but not if you use SIMPLY’s pickup and delivery service!

3. It’s faster

A professional laundry, such as SIMPLY, that offers a pickup and collection service can plan and schedule the washing as they know when it will arrive. With multiple machines available, they can be operating almost 24 hours a day, and well-organized teams will be ready and waiting to begin ironing and packing. A laundry with pickup service will have drivers on hand to return your washing, it is a highly efficient operation, and our express service means that we can have things back to you the same day if necessary.

Of course, it is not just the time saved during the washing process; it is the time getting to and from the laundry shop and sorting out your washing at home. A pickup service does all of this on you before giving you the time to have that morning coffee before starting work!

4. It’s cheaper than you think!

A quality washing machine is expensive, as too is a quality steam iron and large ironing board without even thinking about the drying process. When you factor in the amount of detergent and conditioner you will use over the machine’s lifespan, not to mention the electricity, water, and repair bills – the cost soon mounts up. With laundry, you just pay for your washing as required and therefore spread the payments.

5. It’s done to a higher standard

Washing that is done in modern laundry will almost certainly be completed to a higher standard than what you could achieve at home. The professional machines are renowned for getting your whites whiter while ensuring that your colors retain their newly purchased look. With professional irons and professional individuals doing the ironing, you can be confident that SIMPLY will ensure you will look great and all this is delivered back to your doorstep!

6. More freedom

If you use SIMPLY’s pick-up laundry service, your weekends are free to do what you want. If you’re going to head to the beach, go upcountry, or just have a lie-in, you can as someone else be taking care of your washing. You can arrange for your washing to be collected on a different day, anything that suits your lifestyle, we can almost certainly workaround. Our role is to make your life easier, and you will notice the difference!

7. Focus on your work!

How many times have you had to stop something you were doing because you know that you have to get to the laundry before it closes? With a laundry that has an online booking service, you have the power to organize the collection and delivery of your washing. You can focus on your work rather than worrying if you will have something to wear tomorrow.

8. One-stop service

All of SIMPLY’s services are completely in-house, and this means that others will never let us down. We professionally manage all aspects of our service, which means that you get a better overall product. If you want dry cleaning, wash and fold or wash and iron, we can do it all, and it will all be returned to you at the same time.

9. You are doing your bit for the environment

Professional washing machines and driers are better for the environment than what you will purchase for your home. They use less water and electricity, and the mere fact that everything will come out clean the first time means that there is no need for a second wash.

10. Removes stubborn stains and odors

How many times have you washed a shirt or blouse and it still has a stubborn stain or worse still, you can smell last night’s food? Modern industrial machines are superb at removing stubborn stains and odors, giving you the confidence to wear your clothes again and again.

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