How often should you clean your home to protect against COVID-19?

Date post: 05/01/2023 04:45 PM

The coronavirus, or COVID-19, has had a huge impact on all of our lives, and we are all looking for ways to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Arguably one of the most frightening things about the virus is that it is so easy to contract. Many of the people who have the virus are asymptomatic (displaying no symptoms), meaning that they unwittingly pass it on to others. While generally outdoor spaces are regarded as being reasonably safe, our homes, workplaces, and places that we visit can all be places, so it is vital we clean our homes regularly.

While many people argue that cleaning your home more regularly is not necessary, we would say that as a professional house cleaning company in Bangkok, you should clean your home more frequently, especially any hard surfaces. Moreover, what you clean your home with is just as important, with antibacterial cleaners containing alcohol or bleach being essential to ensuring that all viruses, including COVID-19, are killed. It should go without saying that you should also thoroughly wash your hands as soon as you come home.

How often is “more often”?

It is very difficult to be too specific on how often you should clean your home as it will depend very much on the lifestyle you lead. Naturally, those who spend more time at home are likely to have homes that need cleaning more frequently, but likewise, those who go out of their house or condo regularly also need to take care of hard surfaces. We would suggest that all homes need a thorough clean at least once a week, and hard surfaces should be wiped down using detergent daily. We are natural advocates of keeping a clean home all the time, so this may be something that you are doing already.

How should I clean my home?

Firstly you must appreciate that there is a big difference between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting your home. Cleaning involves a simple wipe down to remove dirt and grime as well as removing food cartons and generally just making your home presentable. Sanitizing and disinfecting means using disinfectant products such as multi-surface cleaners, bleach, or antibacterial agents. As we stated above, cleaning often is vital, but some surfaces need special attention and need to be cleaned daily.

What items should I disinfect daily?

Surfaces that get touched frequently such as door handles, particularly point of entry doors, kitchen and bathroom units, and surfaces, frequently used kitchen utensils including fridges door, rice cookers, and kettles along with mobile phones and remote controls for air conditioning units and the TV. If you have a visitor come to your home, even if they are a member of your family, you should disinfect after they leave. If anyone is unwell in your home, again extra special care needs to be taken. At SIMPLY we have strict measures on our staff health and wellbeing. 

Items in the home that should be disinfected every other day

We all have items that we touch frequently but are rarely touched by others. We would suggest that any wallets, purses, ATM cards, or travel cards should be disinfected AT LEAST every other day. The same would apply to light switches, mops and brushes (ironically used for cleaning), computers used at home along with desks, and any other items that you use often. You can’t be over-cautious in reality, and it is far better to clean things too often rather than not often enough. So, if you are more comfortable cleaning these items daily, we recommend you continue to do so.

Items to disinfect weekly

Most items that you need to disinfect weekly as part of your thorough cleaning would be rarely used or touched, such as certain items of jewelry. Laundry should also be done frequently, not allowing a build-up, and depending on the size of your household, this would again need to be undertaken at least weekly with washing machines sterilized and disinfected after use. Care should be taken, however, to ensure that no cleaning products that could damage clothes, such as bleach, remain in the machine.

Other measures that you can take

At SIMPLY, we understand that opening windows in a city such as Bangkok is not ideal, it will help reduce any pathogens in the air. Every time we take a breath, cough, or sneeze, respiratory droplets are released, and these are known to harbor the virus. These droplets are known to stay active for several days on both soft furnishings and hard surfaces, but well-ventilated rooms carry less of a threat.  

What if someone in your household has the symptoms of COVID-19?

Of course, if someone in your household has the symptoms of COVID-19, they should immediately seek medical attention and get tested. In this scenario, a deep and thorough sanitization of the house and the individual’s clothes, including those that haven’t been worn, needs to be carried out. Effectively, this means that you must do far more than you would during your regular cleaning, leaving no corner of your home untouched. While this may seem excessive, it is far better to be overly cautious in these uncertain times.

How do you know when your home is “clean”?

In reality, we all have different standards of what we would deem as being “clean”. However, if you think your house is “reasonably clean”, we would suggest that it’s not clean enough! Although we keep repeating ourselves, it is far better to take more precautions than not enough. It is your own and your family’s welfare that you need to take into consideration. 

It all sounds like a lot of work!

At SIMPLY, we appreciate that this may all sound like a lot of work and be time-consuming, especially if you are working or have a young family to look after. If you fit into this category, it may be worth considering employing the services of a professional cleaning company that will use the correct products and ensure that your home is spotless. It will give you added peace of mind, which means that you can spend more time doing the things you enjoy, and it is probably less costly than you may think.


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