Why should you do a deep clean before you move?

Date post: 05/01/2023 04:44 PM

Regardless of if you are moving into a new property or leaving an existing one, it is essential, not to mention hygienic, to conduct a deep clean before you move, but for this article, we assume that you are moving into your new home. At SIMPLY, we can assist you with deep cleaning your property, ensuring that you have a scrupulously clean property that you can then turn into your dream home.

Conducting a proper house cleaning in Bangkok is crucial regardless of if you are buying or renting a property. It doesn’t matter how well-intention the previous residents were; inevitably, dust, dirt, and grime will have built up, and you should address this, ideally, before you move in. Of course, if you are moving into a new build property, you may think that this isn’t needed, and perhaps it isn’t to the same extent. However, the chances are that the clean slate you believe you have isn’t quite as clean as what you may have hoped or imagined. We have some tips below on conducting a moving deep clean but don’t worry, SIMPLY are on hand to address this on your behalf.

1. Start at the top

Dust can literally get everywhere, and it tends to build up in higher, hard-to-reach places such as around lights, high shelves, and ceiling fans. Some dirt will fall when you are cleaning these areas as part of your deep cleaning, so starting at the top makes sense not to create more work for yourself. Fans, in particular, are renowned as being places where grease can build up, so during a deep clean, they should be taken down, dismantled, and given a thorough scrub.

Once you have cleaned the higher places, you can move onto more accessible areas such as tables, cabinets, and chairs before finishing with the floors. You should follow the same pattern in every room, ideally finishing with the room closest to the door, so you don’t keep walking through rooms that have been deep cleaned

2. Kitchen Appliances

In Thailand, many properties are bought or rented fully furnished. While this has many advantages in terms of cost, it can cause headaches for your initial deep clean. At SIMPLY, we recognize that fridges can be places where bacteria can breed rapidly, especially if the fridge has been switched off for an extended period. Fridges should be thoroughly cleaned inside and out, including the area where the fridge has been stood using warm soapy water and rinsed thoroughly. Bleach or other chemicals should not be used.

All other kitchen appliances such as microwaves, hobs and ovens, kettles, and other appliances should be thoroughly cleaned. At SIMPLY, we have extensive experience with this and guarantee that everything will be free from bacteria after our teams have finished.

3. Spend time on the rest of the kitchen

Of course, it is not just appliances that require a deep clean. Kitchen utensils such as forks, knives, and spoons, not to mention all crockery, needs cleaning. Extra time should be spent cleaning surfaces and floors using an all-purpose kitchen cleaner that may contain bleach to kill bacteria and viruses. Of course, cabinets, especially their handles, and lighting must be thoroughly cleaned when you first move into your new home. If you don’t want to use store-purchased cleaners, you could use a paste containing baking powder, and hydrogen peroxide; a solution that is also excellent for removing stubborn stains. Just leave it on the surface for 15-20 minutes to give it time to work, scrub and then rinse.   

4. Bathrooms can harbor germs

Although we all know that toilets can be unsanitary places, it is unfortunate that they don’t always get the attention they should when it comes to cleaning. While we appreciate that it isn’t the most appealing of jobs, you must ensure that the toilet is thoroughly clean, and there is no better time to start than during your moving deep clean. We would suggest going as far as replacing toilet seats to ensure that all germs are removed.

During your deep clean, you should also focus on places that may get overlooked during a regular clean such as toilet roll holders, tops of cupboards and doors, and light switches. Metallic showerheads and faucets may accumulate limescale, which can be hard to remove, but the acid from lemons, limes, or vinegar can help restore their shiny appearance.

5. Do one room at a time!

As a professional cleaning company in Bangkok, at SIMPLY, we frequently work in teams, but we always do one room at a time to ensure that nothing gets missed. Continue with the top-down approach we suggested initially, spending additional time on windows and mirrors. Glass cleaners are superb for this, but you can also use dilute vinegar and newspaper. However, windows should be cleaned when the sun isn’t shining through them as it makes it hard to see streaks and grime.

If you own a vacuum cleaner, we would suggest using it as part of your deep clean to get into the corners, both high and low, as well as along skirting boards.

6. Clean all the floors again

Once you have almost completed your thorough moving deep clean, SIMPLY would suggest that you give the floors one last clean as there is a good chance that you will have been moving between rooms more frequently than you would normally. Again, use a vacuum in the corners, but a brush should suffice in other areas. On tiled and wooden floors, use a multi-purpose floor cleaner and mop. Allow the floor to completely dry before re-entering the room. Any rugs or carpets should always be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, but you may want to get them professionally cleaned as part of your moving deep clean.

Haven’t got the time?

If you haven’t got the time, skill, or equipment to conduct a moving deep clean in Bangkok, at SIMPLY, we can help. Just contact us for more information and a team member will be happy to assist you.

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